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Electronic Theses & Dissertations (ETD) is an optional process that the University of New Brunswick provides to graduate students, enabling them to write, review, submit and deposit their theses and dissertations electronically. The collection present in the UNB Scholar Research Repository represents continuining collaboration between the School of Graduate Studies, the Centre for Digital Scholarship, and UNB Libraries. Not all UNB theses are submitted electronically.

Graduate students looking for more information about how to prepare a thesis for electronic submission should view the Electronic Theses and Dissertations page at the School of Graduate Studies.

Title Author Discipline Degree Datesort ascending
Knowledge management practices in construction non-profit volunteer organisations (CONVOs): Perreira, Anna Civil Engineering Doctor of Philosophy 2017
A Phishing e-mail detection approach using machine learning techniques Mbah, Kenneth Fon Computer Science Master of Computer Science 2017
What is the relationship between industry, occupation, and body weight in Canada? Peng, Saibiao Economics Master of Arts 2017
Identifying eastern hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) patches using LiDAR, in New Brunswick forests Roberts, Hunter Forestry & Environmental Management Master of Forestry 2017
The analysis on trade effect of China-ASEAN free trade agreement-based on the gravity model Zhou, Jingya Economics Master of Arts 2017
Aspects of modified gravity Rahmati, Shohreh Mathematics & Statistics Doctor of Philosophy 2017
Building detection in off-nidar very high resolution satellite images based on stereo 3D information Suliman, Alaeldin Geodesy & Geomatics Doctor of Philosophy 2017
Integration of Bhutanese-Nepalese refugees in the schools of Fredericton, New Brunswick Khanal, Nigam Policy Studies Master of Philosophy in Policy Studies 2017
Assessing effects of sampling frequency on the estimation accuracy of different water quality indicators Gao, Lin Forestry & Environmental Management Master of Science in Forestry 2017
Estimates of genetic parameters for growth traits and of effects of climatic transfer and edaphic conditions for select families New Brunswick black spruce Wang, Jiejie Forestry & Environmental Management Master of Science in Forestry 2017
Log moisture content determination with quantitative magnetic resonance Lamason, Clevan Forestry & Environmental Management Doctor of Philosophy 2017
Automating the timed up and go test (tug test) with wearable sensors Beyea, James Burket Adams Kinesiology Master of Science in Exercise and Sport Science 2017
Testing diagnostic bioindicators in prairie streams Cormier, Sophie Biology Master of Science 2017
L'exploration des actions pédagogiques universelles en immersion française Hennessey, Kathy Education Master of Education 2017
Investigation of muscle synergies as a real-time control strategy for myoelectric control of upper limb protheses Atoufi, Bahareh Electrical & Computer Engineering Doctor of Philosophy 2017
Environmental determinants of invertebrate community structure and nutrient storage in aquatic invertebrate larvae Loomer, Heather Biology Doctor of Philosophy 2017
Design and validation of an apparatus of continuous monitoring of energy associated with puncturing and wear Mills, Lance Mechanical Engineering Master of Mechanical Engineering 2017
Thinking with Nunangat in proposing pedagogies for/with Inuit early childhood education Rowan, Mary Education Doctor in Philosophy 2017
The application and transition of just war principles in Canadian defence policy 1947–2005 Stieva, Leonard History Master of Arts 2017
Individual differences in the formation of coalitions and alliances Aguirre, Mateo Peñaherrera Psychology Master of Arts 2017


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