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Electronic Theses & Dissertations (ETD) is an optional process that the University of New Brunswick provides to graduate students, enabling them to write, review, submit and deposit their theses and dissertations electronically. The collection present in the UNB Scholar Research Repository represents continuining collaboration between the School of Graduate Studies, the Centre for Digital Scholarship, and UNB Libraries. Not all UNB theses are submitted electronically.

Graduate students looking for more information about how to prepare a thesis for electronic submission should view the Electronic Theses and Dissertations page at the School of Graduate Studies.

Title Author Discipline Degree Datesort ascending
From loving husband to loving caregiver: the lived experience of intimacy and sexuality in the transition to caregiver for men who care for their female partner with dementia Drost, Mallory Nursing Master of Nursing 2017
An institutional ethnographic exploration of the transitional experience of registered nurses entering the long-term care environment MacDonald, Emily, Ellen Nursing Master of Nursing 2017
Improving skip side slipper plate design to accommodate higher impact bunton force Hanna, Maikel, E. S. Civil Engineering Master of Engineering 2017
Risk factors for Conduct Disorder amount Canadian children: a focus on Childhood-onset Conduct Disorder Swarma, Hepsi Master of Applied Health Research 2017
Portfolio-based language assessment: perspective of newcomer adult english second language learners O'Shea, Ryan, B Education Master of Education 2017
Indirect interactions between the invasive Brown Spruce Longhorn Beetle, Tetropium Fuscum, and a Native Defoliator, Choristoneura Fumiferana MacDonnell, Mallory Biology Master of Science in Biology 2017
Numerical investigation of leading edge radio effects on MULDICON flow characteristics Maye, Ryan, Gregory Mechanical Engineering Master of Science in Engineering 2017
The fluid dynamic and thermophysical and constraints on peperite formation, and the vibrational liquefaction model Downey, Warna, S Earth Sciences Doctor of Philosophy 2017
chronic Annear, Grace English Master of Arts 2017
Exploring the experiences of female educational leaders in Bhutan: a narrative inquiry based approach Dema, Karma Education Doctor of Philosophy 2017
The role of spirituality and self-determination in recovery fro drug and alcohol addiction among Indigenous people McQuinn, Heather Nursing Master of Nursing 2017
Enzymatic pretreatment of wood to reduce energy consumption in thermo-mechanical pulp refining Pelletier, Andre Chemical Engineering Master of Science in Engineering 2017
Legacy of mega sporting events: understanding the long term impacts of volunteering Monterroso, Coralia, A Master of Kinesiology 2017
Large eddy simulation of dual impelled baffled mixer Robichaud, Jonathan Mechanical Engineering Master of Scince in Engineering 2017
Bridging the gap between theory and practice: getting started Kean, Karen Education Master of Education 2017
Impact of pavement condition indicators on road safety in New Brunswick Ghanbari, Arash, Bagher Civil Engineering Master of Science in Engineering 2017
Synthesis of onion-like carbon using 3-phase plasma reactor Zanjani, Arash, Davari Mechanical Engineering Master of Science in Engineering. 2017
Determining if this word is used like that word: Predicting usage similarity with supervised and unsupervised approaches King, Milton Computer Science Master of Computer Science 2017
The importance of marine-derived nutrients from anadromous fishes to Atlantic rivers Samways, Kurt M. Biology Doctor of Philosophy 2017
When practices embody sexism: The experience of Ontario women correctional officers Burnett, Freda, Marion Psychology Doctor of Philosophy 2017


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