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Electronic Theses & Dissertations (ETD) is an optional process that the University of New Brunswick provides to graduate students, enabling them to write, review, submit and deposit their theses and dissertations electronically. The collection present in the UNB Scholar Research Repository represents continuining collaboration between the School of Graduate Studies, the Centre for Digital Scholarship, and UNB Libraries. Not all UNB theses are submitted electronically.

Graduate students looking for more information about how to prepare a thesis for electronic submission should view the Electronic Theses and Dissertations page at the School of Graduate Studies.

Title Author Discipline Degree Datesort ascending
A summer literacy program for First Nations children Flanagan, Agnes Interdisciplinary Studies Master of Interdisciplinary Studies 2016
A qualitative analysis of the interpersonal experiences of bisexual women in a team sport environment de Montarnal, Jacqueline Kinesiology Master of Arts in Sport & Recreation Studies 2016
Bio-nanocomposites for enhancing water vapor barrier of cellulose-based packaging materials Farmahini-Farahani, Madjid Chemical Engineering Doctor of Philosophy 2016
A positively charged, diffusion resistant, bispyridinylidene derivative as an anolyte for organic redox flow batteries Wheeler, Hillary Chemistry Master of Science 2016
Investigation of flow and solute transport in a shallow perched groundwater system beneath a potato field Lamb, Keenan James Civil Engineering Master of Science in Engineering 2016
Spatial analysis of land cover changes in the Grand Lake Meadows, New Brunswick Shodimu, Oluwatimilehin Okikiolu Geodesy & Geomatics Master of Science in Engineering 2016
Patterns of natal recruitment in the Atlantic puffin (Fratercula arctica) Whidden, S. Erin Biology Master of Science 2016
Open-circuit fault diagnosis in three-phase power rectifier driven by a variable voltage source Rahiminejad, Mehdi Electrical & Computer Engineering Master of Science 2016
The healthy immigrant effect Wang, Haorui Economics Master of Arts 2016
International trade and the border effect between Canada and United States Huang, Fei Economics Master of Arts 2016
Semantic annotation of quantitative textual content Ghashghaei, Mehrnaz Computer Science Master of Computer Science 2016
The metropolitan problem in greater Saint John Arif, Hassan Sociology Doctor of Philosophy 2016
Using hyperspectral images to map moisture content and basic density of boards and frozen and thawed logs Goyaghaj, Ataollah Haddadi Forestry & Environmental Management Doctor of Philosophy 2016
Genetic biomarkers for personalized treatment in multiple myeloma Han, Ming Biology Master of Science 2016
Sagittaria as a bioindicator of stream nutrient status Standen, Katherine Marie Biology Master of Science 2016
Modeling and mapping distributions of common bryophytes across New Brunswick using a lidar-derived depth-to-water index Goguen, Monique Forestry & Environmental Management Master of Science in Forestry 2016
Risk factors associated with alcohol abuse in Canada Zhang, Quanxin Economics Master of Arts 2016
Development of usage guidelines for speed display units in school zones Hazzard, Kaitlin Civil Engineering Master of Science in Engineering 2016
Bioactivity enhancement of titanium by laser micro/nano surface texturing Radmanesh, Mitra Mechanical Engineering Master of Science in Engineering 2016
Performance evaluation of a ZigBee-based wireless sensor network for wide area network micro-grid applications Owhuo, Gift Electrical & Computer Engineering Master of Science in Engineering 2016


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