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Since 2010, the University of New Brunswick's Electronic Theses and Dissertation (ETD) program enables students to write, review, submit and deposit their theses and dissertations for inclusion in our institutional research repository, UNB Scholar. UNB Scholar's Theses and Dissertations collection provides full-text access to most theses and dissertations submitted electronically from 2010 to the present. Please note that since electronic submission was optional for graduate students until January 2019, this is not a comprehensive collection of all UNB theses. Researchers are urged to check the library catalogue for the most complete record of UNB theses and dissertations in print, microfilm, and electronic formats.

This digital collection represents the continued collaboration between the School of Graduate Studies, the Centre for Digital Scholarship, and UNB Libraries. Graduate students looking for more information about how to prepare a thesis for electronic submission should consult the Electronic Theses and Dissertations page at the School of Graduate Studies.

Title Author Discipline Degree Datesort ascending
A sustainable framework to determine customer perceived value for electricity products and services Sahin, Tugcan Interdisciplinary Studies Doctor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Studies 2019
Influence of laminate characteristics on properties of single-layer and cross laminated timber (CLT) panels Niederwestberg, Jan Forestry & Environmental Management Doctor of Philosophy 2019
A novel maturity-based assessment model for smart cities Suliman, Alaelidn Muhmud Housat Civil Engineering Master of Science in Engineering 2019
Analysis of clinical data to examine utility of quality statements for the management of patients with hip fractures in the emergency department Filiatreault, Sarah Mary Lestock Nursing Master of Nursing 2019
Rule of law, settler colonialism, and overrepresentation of indigenous peoples in the Canadian criminal justice (legal) system Lavandier, Francis Thomas Sociology Doctor of Philosophy 2019
Stories from the circle: exploring reflective schooling experiences with Wolastoqi and Mi'kmaq recent high school graduates Trenholm, Andrea Lauren Education Doctor of Philosophy 2019
Washeo Whiskiheggan: examining the Hudson's Bay company fur trade post in Fort Severn, Ontario through archaeological analysis and community engagement Davidson, Katherine Sarah Anthropology Master of Arts 2019
A radiographic exploration of vitamin D deficiency at the eighteenth-century fortress of Louisbourg, NS Hinton, Jessica Anthropology Master of Arts 2019
Embracing complexity while deconstructing Eurocentric ideologies within classroom practices: reflecting on culturally responsive teaching Kadir, Bibi Anthazia Education Master of Education 2019
It’s hip to be scene: authenticity, esoteric knowledge and subcultural style in Saint John and Portland Cormier, Stephanie A Interdisciplinary Studies Master of Interdisciplinary Studies 2019
Exploring the usability of the rHEALPix discrete global grid system Bowater, David William Geodesy & Geomatics Master of Science in Engineering 2019
Capitalism’s affinity for suburban development: locating a new high school in Moncton, New Brunswick MacDonald, Bryan Interdisciplinary Studies Master of Philosophy 2019
Microwave pyrolysis biochar characterization and modeling of char reinforced GFRP biocomposites Wallace, Chase Mechanical Engineering Master of Science in Engineering 2019
"I'm tough": Acadian women's stories of resilience against the anti-aging movement Taerum, Nicole S. Interdisciplinary Studies Master of Arts 2019
Feasibility of deception in code attribution Matyukhina, Alina Computer Science Doctor of Philosophy 2019
"Living weather" for survival: cultivating local climatic knowledge in New Brunswick, circa 1790-1870 Devor Hall, Teresa History Doctor of Philosophy 2019
Physical time and quantum gravity Hassan, Syed Moeez Mathematics & Statistics Doctor of Philosophy 2019
Understanding the Operational Attributes of Volunteer Driver Programs to Support Incorporation into Transportation Planning Goudreau, Matthieu Civil Engineering Master of Science in Engineering 2019
Impacts of smart grid functions on load-side frequency Wo, Jeffrey W. G Electrical Engineering Master of Science in Engineering 2019
Early survival and growth of planted hardwoods in the Acadian Forest Ma, Xu Forestry & Environmental Management Master of Forestry 2019


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