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Since 2010, the University of New Brunswick's Electronic Theses and Dissertation (ETD) program enables students to write, review, submit and deposit their theses and dissertations for inclusion in our institutional research repository, UNB Scholar. UNB Scholar's Theses and Dissertations collection provides full-text access to most theses and dissertations submitted electronically from 2010 to the present. Please note that since electronic submission was optional for graduate students until January 2019, this is not a comprehensive collection of all UNB theses. Researchers are urged to check the library catalogue for the most complete record of UNB theses and dissertations in print, microfilm, and electronic formats.

This digital collection represents the continued collaboration between the School of Graduate Studies, the Centre for Digital Scholarship, and UNB Libraries. Graduate students looking for more information about how to prepare a thesis for electronic submission should consult the Electronic Theses and Dissertations page at the School of Graduate Studies.

Title Authorsort descending Discipline Degree Date
Evolution and mineralization of the Moose II lithium-tantalum pegmatite deposit, northwest territories, Canada 0. Anderson, Melissa Earth Sciences Masters of Science 2013
Movement generator for mobile network simulation A. Alghamdi, Raid Computer Science Master of Computer Science 2012
Simulating dynamic node movements for MANET in NS-2 A. Alshehri, Abdullah Computer Science Master of Computer Science 2013
The revitalization of downtown St. Stephen A. Bagha, Mohamed Hassan Interdisciplinary Studies Master of Interdisciplinary Studies 2013
Quantification of changes in spatial and temporal gait parameters due to path radius A. Smith, Robert Mechanical Engineering Master of Science in Engineering 2015
Current security trends and assessment of cyber threats Aayush, Bijiteshwar Rudra Computer Science Master of Computer Science 2015
A detection framework for android financial malware Abdul Kadir, Andi Fitriah Computer Science Doctor of Philosophy 2018
Implications of a Canadian school-based PMH initiative for teacher education in Saudi Arabia Abduljabbar, Alhanof Education Master of Education (Exceptional Learners) 2016
Understanding the mathematical practices of kente weavers in Ghana Aboagye, Samuel Education Doctor of Philosophy 2015
Flexural, compressive, and tensile properties of pultruded GFRP bars Abou Niaj, Mahmoud Civil Engineering Master of Engineering 2018
Assessment of dentists' attitudes and practices to provide services in long-term care facilities Abrar, Saira Applied Health Services Research Master of Applied Health Services Research 2016
Denominationalism in a Loyalist county: a social history of Charlotte, 1783–1940 Acheson, Thomas William History Master of Arts 1964
An analysis of pedestrian-vehicle collisions in rural New Brunswick Adams, Scott William Civil Engineering Master of Engineering 2016
Job stability and the transition to adulthood Adeniyi, Taye Interdisciplinary Studies Master of Interdisciplinary Studies 2016
Feasibility of using recycled plastic shreds as partial replacement of aggregate in the granular base of pavements Adeoti, Micheal Civil Engineering Master of Engineering 2018
Magnetic resonance imaging of enhanced oil recovery processes in porous rocks Afrough, Armin Chemical Engineering Doctor of Philosophy 2019
Preparation of polymeric microcapsules using modified calcium carbonate as a template Agbaku, Selassie Chemical Engineering Master of Science in Engineering 2015
Individual differences in the formation of coalitions and alliances Aguirre, Mateo Peñaherrera Psychology Master of Arts 2017
De-correlation of tropospheric error and height component on GNSS using combined zenith-dependent parameter Ahn, Yong-Won Geodesy & Geomatics Doctor of Philosophy 2016
Recovery of acetic acid from prehydrolysis liquor of kraft based hardwood dissolving pulp process Ahsan, Laboni Chemical Engineering Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering 2014


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