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Electronic Theses & Dissertations (ETD) is an optional process that the University of New Brunswick provides to graduate students, enabling them to write, review, submit and deposit their theses and dissertations electronically. The collection present in the UNB Scholar Research Repository represents continuining collaboration between the School of Graduate Studies, the Centre for Digital Scholarship, and UNB Libraries. Not all UNB theses are submitted electronically.

Graduate students looking for more information about how to prepare a thesis for electronic submission should view the Electronic Theses and Dissertations page at the School of Graduate Studies.

Titlesort descending Author Discipline Degree Date
Industrial wireless control using ultra-wideband radio M. King, Daniel Computer Science Master of Computer Science 2017
Evaluation of minimum thickness requirements for FRP reinforced concrete Veysey, Stuart Civil Engineering Master of Science in Engineering 2015
Bioactive natural products from marine macroalgal endophytes from the Bay of Fundy, Canada Flewelling, Andrew Biology Doctor of Philosophy 2017
Breast cancer in young women: examining meanings post contralateral prophylactic mastectomy Huckins, Megan Nursing Master of Nursing 2017
Rebuilding the longhouse: deconstructing settler colonialism via decolonizing education George, Christopher Interdisciplinary Studies Master Philosophy of Policy Studies 2017
Distributed modular ontology reasoning Ji, Li Computer Science Master of Computer Science 2018
The victory engineers Greisinger, Eric History Doctor of Philosophy 2015
Indoor LOS MU-MIMO Gill, Satinder Singh Electrical & Computer Engineering Doctor of Philosophy 2015
The effects of gravity on droplet transport in grid turbulence Boyle, Carter Mechanical Engineering Master of Science in Engineering 2018
Estimating the critical height of unsupported trenches in unsaturated soil Richard, Adin A. Civil Engineering Master of Science in Engineering 2018
McKay quivers of the groups G(r, m, n) Lewis, Matthew Mathematics & Statistics Doctor of Philosophy 2018
Efforts to maintain monogamy in committed romantic relationships Lee, Brenda H. Psychology Doctor of Philosophy 2018
Spaces for public participation in crown land governance Miller, Lauren F. Forestry & Environmental Management Doctor of Philosophy 2018
Population dynamics of the ribbed mussel (Geukensia demissa) near its northern range limit, Maritime Canada Virgin, Spencer Biology Master of Science 2018
Petrogenesis of tin-tungsten-molybdenum mineralized intragranitic systems within the highly evolved Mount Douglas polyphase intrusive complex, southwestern New Brunswick, Canada Mohammadi, Nadia Earth Sciences Doctor of Philosophy 2018
Volatile-element signatures of volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits in the Bathurst mining camp, New Brunswick, Canada Soltani Dehnavi, Azam Earth Sciences Doctor of Philosophy 2017
Communication-efficient privacy-preserving query for fog-enhanced Internet of Things Yekta, Nafiseh Izadi Computer Science Master of Computer Science 2018
Joint Tweedie Mixed Models for longitudinal data of mixed types Li, Jiaxiu Mathematics & Statistics Master of Science 2017
The role of individual protective factors in predicting youth recidivism Wershler, Julie L. Psychology Doctor of Philosophy 2018
Space-Time Parallelization of Fluid Dynamics Simulations Eghbal, Araz Mechanical Engineering Doctor of Philosophy 2018


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