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Since 2010, the University of New Brunswick's Electronic Theses and Dissertation (ETD) program enables students to write, review, submit and deposit their theses and dissertations for inclusion in our institutional research repository, UNB Scholar. UNB Scholar's Theses and Dissertations collection provides full-text access to most theses and dissertations submitted electronically from 2010 to the present. Please note that since electronic submission was optional for graduate students until January 2019, this is not a comprehensive collection of all UNB theses. Researchers are urged to check the library catalogue for the most complete record of UNB theses and dissertations in print, microfilm, and electronic formats.

This digital collection represents the continued collaboration between the School of Graduate Studies, the Centre for Digital Scholarship, and UNB Libraries. Graduate students looking for more information about how to prepare a thesis for electronic submission should consult the Electronic Theses and Dissertations page at the School of Graduate Studies.

Titlesort descending Author Discipline Degree Date
The metropolitan problem in greater Saint John Arif, Hassan Sociology Doctor of Philosophy 2016
How the media influences public policy McHardie, Daniel James Policy Studies Master of Philosophy in Policy Studies 2014
Macro-regional meadowood Cudmore, Lauren Anthropology Master of Arts 2016
Indoor real-time positioning using Ultra-Wideband technology Yavari, Mohammadreza Computer Science Master of Computer Science 2015
Frequency hopping spread spectrum harmonic radar Alfarra, Omar Electrical & Computer Engineering Master of Science in Engineering 2014
Investigating thumb mechanics in texting using novel instrumentation methods Bernier, Rachelle Mechanical Engineering Master of Science in Engineering 2018
Indoor LOS MU-MIMO Gill, Satinder Singh Electrical & Computer Engineering Doctor of Philosophy 2015
MicroJIT Sogaro, Federico Computer Science Master of Computer Science 2016
Investigating the performance of selected MANET routing protocols Ayansiji, Oluwatola Computer Science Master of Computer Science 2015
Scripta manent Karavanidou, Eleni Education Master of Education 2015
Long-run unemployment El Armali, Jafar Economics Master of Arts 2016
Quantitative magnetic resonance measurements of porous media Vashaee, Sarah Physics Doctor of Philosophy 2015
Investigation of the linear node movement patterns in wireless networks Alzaylaee, Mohammed Computer Science Master of Computer Science 2012
The interownership index Deslongchamps, Alexandre Business Administration Master of Business Administration 2015
The long road to modernization Bent, David History Doctor of Philosophy 2016
Learning in the history museum Cogswell, Alexandra Education Master of Education 2015
Java Packed Object synchronization Yang, Bing Computer Science Doctor of Philosophy 2017
SIMULACRA Ross, William Computer Science Doctor of Philosophy 2016
METADroid Li, Yan Computer Science Master of Computer Science 2016
Patient voice Burgess, Jean Applied Health Services Research Master of Applied Health Services Research 2013


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