Faculty / Staff Works

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Title Author(s) Discipline Type Datesort ascending
Moncton provincial court-domestic violence pilot project: a comparative study Gill, Ruff Case Study 2010-03-31
Enhancing civil protection in domestic violence cases: cross Canada checkup Neilson Report 2015-03-31
Mactaquac Aquatic Ecosystem Study Report Series 2016-042, Contract Deliverable – Developing environmental flows for Wolastoq / Saint John River / Fleuve Saint-Jean, Summary report Workshop 3: Refining hypotheses and identifying flow needs Monk Biology Report 2016-11-30
Information, services, and support needs of people experiencing memory loss Bulman, Rickards, Henry, McCloskey, Deitch Nursing Report 2017-11-30
Report on the communication and dissemination of findings of a research study - Exploring the links: family violence, firearms and animal abuse in rural communities Doherty, Hornosty Report 2008-05-30
Family violence, firearms and animal abuse in rural communities - forum report discussing research findings and promoting action Doherty, Hornosty Report 2008-05-30
Domestic homicide in New Brunswick, 1999–2008 Gill Report 2012-04-30
Did the 1994/96 Employment Insurance Reforms Improve Labour Market Outcomes for Young People Audas, Murrell Economics Working Paper 2001-05-28
Mactaquac Aquatic Ecosystem Study Report Series 2015-016, Fish passage in large rivers: a literature review Linnansaari, Wallace, Curry, Yamazaki Report 2015-04-28
Mactaquac Aquatic Ecosystem Study Report Series 2015-021, METHODS REPORT: Fish Taging Gautreau, Wallace, Linnansaari Biology Report 2015-07-28
Activity-Based Labeling of Matrix Metalloproteinases in Living Vertebrate Embryos Keow, Pond, Cisar, Cravatt, Crawford Biology Article 2012-08-28
A National Formulary for Canada Hollis, Law Economics Working Paper 2004-06-25
Mactaquac Aquatic Ecosystem Study Report Series 2016-032, METHODS PAPER: Determining the Bathymetry of the Mactaquac Headpond and Saint John River Bremner, Keirstead, Muggah, Wallace, Chateauvert, Yamazaki Biology Report 2016-07-25
Mactaquac Aquatic Ecosystem Study Report Series 2015-017, Environmental Considerations for Large Dam Removals Chateauvert, Linnansaari, Yamazaki, Curry Biology Report 2015-04-24
NAD+ Biosynthesis Ameliorates a Zebrafish Model of Muscular Dystrophy Goody, Kelly, Reynolds, Khalil, Crawford, Henry Biology Article 2012-10-23
Mactaquac Aquatic Ecosystem Study Report Series 2015-012, METHODS PAPER: Long-Term Water Quality Monitoring for the Saint John River Downstream of the Mactaquac Generating Station Wallace Biology Report 2015-02-23
Intercultural Communication and Online Course Support in Trinidad and Tobago Bragdon Library and Information Science Article 2018-07-01
Cross-national assessment of the associations between higher education and all-cause and diabetes-specific mortality: evidence from 35 OECD countries Dunbar, Gupta Sociology Working Paper 2018
Self-perceived mental health and its gendered and immigration associations Aspinall, Gupta Sociology Working Paper 2018
An Umbrella Review of Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management of Patients with Hip Fractures and a Synthesis of Recommendations for the Pre-Operative Period Filiatreault, Hodgins, Witherspoon Nursing Article 2018-03-24


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