Faculty / Staff Works

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Titlesort descending Author(s) Discipline Type Date
Mactaquac Aquatic Ecosystem Study Report Series 2019-066, BASELINE BIOLOGICAL CONDITIONS IN THE SAINT JOHN RIVER Dolson-Edge, Bruce, Samways, Gautreau, Curry Report 2019-04-17
Disjunctive deductive databases Obimbo, Spencer Computer Science Technical Report 1996
Extending ECDIS content Dias Geodesy & Geomatics Technical Report 2007
GPS design Wells, Lindlohr, Schaffrin, Grafarend Geodesy & Geomatics Technical Report 1987
Human Capital and Convergence in Canada Ruggeri, Huang Economics Working Paper 2001-01-01
A Fast Incremental Convex Hull Algorithm for Higher Dimensions Stewart, Horton Computer Science Technical Report 1990
Gravity field and levelled heights in Canada Nassar Geodesy & Geomatics Technical Report 1977
Looking after children in Canada Kufeldt, Simard, Vachon, Baker, Andrews Report 2000-06
Warm Bodies Using Cold Mathematics Wagner Education Article 2011
Constructing case bases from medical databases Wang Computer Science Technical Report 1997
A Formal Grammar for Geographic Information Metadata Nickerson, Teng Computer Science Technical Report 2000
XML (eXtensible Markup Language) for Geospatial Metadata Teng, Nickerson Computer Science Technical Report 2000
A method for astro-gravimetric geoid determination Merry, Vanicek Geodesy & Geomatics Technical Report 1974
A method for designing a lexical analyzer Gujar, Dedurek, McIntyre Computer Science Technical Report 1979
Bringing GPS into harsh environments for deformation monitoring Bond Geodesy & Geomatics Technical Report 2007
MOSAA developer's guide Wang, Nickerson, Lees Computer Science Technical Report 1996
A National Formulary for Canada Hollis, Law Economics Working Paper 2004-06-25
Error distribution and accuracy measure in navigation Mertikas Geodesy & Geomatics Technical Report 1985
Interactive network design Nickerson Geodesy & Geomatics Technical Report 1979
Incremental communication for artificial neural networks Ghorbani, Bhavsar Computer Science Technical Report 1993


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