Faculty / Staff Works

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Titlesort descending Author(s) Discipline Type Date
A transformation approach to implementing aggregate operations Middleton Computer Science Technical Report 1979
A manual for geodetic coordinate transformations in the Maritime provinces Krakiwsky, Thomson, Steeves Geodesy & Geomatics Technical Report 1977
Becoming a transformative vice-principal in culturally and linguistically rich diverse schools: “Pace yourself. It’s a marathon, not a sprint” Hamm Education Article 2017
Transformation systems are more economical and informative class descriptions than formal grammars Goldfarb Computer Science Technical Report 1990
An assessment of empirical models for the prediction of the transionospheric propagation delay of radio signals newby Geodesy & Geomatics Technical Report 1992
Investigation on the analytical form of the transition matrix in inertial geodesy Wong, Schwarz Geodesy & Geomatics Technical Report 1979
Alert program for NAVSTAR Global Positioning System, Transit, Lageos and Starlette satellites Mertikas, Delikaraoglou, Santerre Geodesy & Geomatics Technical Report 1986
Shuttling of CTP:Phosphocholine cytidylyltransferase between the nucleus and endoplasmic reticulum accompanies the wave of phosphatidylcholine synthesis during the G(0) --> G(1) transition. Northwood, Tong, Crawford, Drobnies, Cornell Biology Article 1999-09-10
Hyperfine Analysis of the (2, 0) [18.3]3-X3Δ3 Transition of Cobalt Monoboride Dore, Adam, Tokaryk, Linton Chemistry Article 2019-05-29
A comparison of local and wide area GNSS differential corrections disseminated using the network transort of RTCM via internet protocol (NTRIP) McKessock Geodesy & Geomatics Technical Report 2007
Labeling Nodes in 3D Diagrams: Using Transparency for Text Legibility and Node Visibility Irani, Iturriaga Computer Science Technical Report
Bedform migration and associated sand transport on a banner bank Duffy Geodesy & Geomatics Technical Report 2006
Adaptation of a Monte Carlo radiation transport code to supercomputers Tassou Computer Science Technical Report 1986
Monte Carlo neutron transport on the Alliant FX/8 Tassou, Bhavsar, Hussein, Gallivan Computer Science Technical Report 1986
Multi-transputer implementations of selected image processing techniques Turner, Bhavsar, Pochec Computer Science Technical Report 1993
Geometric fractals using traversal strategies Gujar, Bhavsar, Choi, Kalra Computer Science Technical Report 1992
Mouse embryonic fibroblasts accumulate differentially on titanium surfaces treated with nanosecond laser pulses Radmanesh, Ektasabi, Wyatt, Crawford, Kiani Biology Article 2016-09
On the equivalence of B-trees and deterministic skip list Lamoureux, Nickerson Computer Science Technical Report 1996
Bottom up procedures to construct each minimal clause tree once Horton, Spencer Computer Science Technical Report 1997
An implementation of a multidimensional dynamic range tree based on an AVL tree Lamoureux Computer Science Technical Report 1995


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