Faculty / Staff Works

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Titlesort descending Author(s) Discipline Type Date
De-correlation of tropospheric error and height component on GNSS using combined zenith-dependent parameter Ahn Geodesy & Geomatics Technical Report 2016
Improvements in GPS tropospheric delay estimation with numerical weather prediction. Cove Geodesy & Geomatics Technical Report 2005
Computation of a file of geoidal heights using Molodenskij's truncation method Vanĩcek, Zhang, Ong Geodesy & Geomatics Technical Report 1990
Towards a Formalization of Trust Carter, Ghorbani Computer Science Technical Report
Assimilation in Plan Recognition via Truth Maintenance with Reduced Redundancy Spencer Computer Science Technical Report 1990
An improved approach for soil moisture estimation by employing illumination-corrected data in a modified Ts-VI method Ahmad Geodesy & Geomatics Technical Report 2011
Tuning the CARIS implementation of cube for Patagonian waters Vàsquez Geodesy & Geomatics Technical Report 2007
Enhancing data models with tuning transformations Mattinson, McAllister Computer Science Technical Report
Observations of advection and turbulent interfacial mizing in the Saint John River Estuary, New Brunswick, Canada Delpeche Geodesy & Geomatics Technical Report 2006
A computer aided design tutorial system (CADETS) Slipp, Gujar Computer Science Technical Report 1986
Quadrature formulae for functions of two variables and applications Garey, LeBlanc Computer Science Technical Report 1975
Spline smoothing of two-dimensional data series with precision estimations applied to satellite navigation Quek Geodesy & Geomatics Technical Report 1983
Typed three automata Bhavsar, Goldfarb, Mironov Computer Science Technical Report 1999
On the generating process and the class typicality measure Golubitsky Computer Science Technical Report 2002
Establishment and maintenance of a new geospatial frame for Tanzania-TZRF10 Mtamakaya Geodesy & Geomatics Technical Report 2009
The Nucleus deposit: superposed Au-Ag-Bi-Cu mineralization systems at Freegold Mountain, Yukon, Canada with constraint from titanite U-Pb dating Betsi, Lentz, McFarlane Earth Sciences Article 2016
U.S Coast guard marine accident data base Hottendorff, Hullmeine Geodesy & Geomatics Technical Report 1992
The ultimate strategy to search on m rays? Lopez-Ortiz, Schuierer Computer Science Technical Report 1998
On the modelling of tropospheric effects in Ultra-High Frequency radio positioning Janes Geodesy & Geomatics Technical Report 1986
An Umbrella Review of Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management of Patients with Hip Fractures and a Synthesis of Recommendations for the Pre-Operative Period Filiatreault, Hodgins, Witherspoon Nursing Article 2018-03-24


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