Faculty / Staff Works

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Titlesort descending Author(s) Discipline Type Date
Incremental communication for multilayer neural networks: error analysis Ghorbani, Bhavsar Computer Science Technical Report 1996
Domestic homicide in New Brunswick, 1999–2008 Gill Report 2012-04-30
A land information network for New Brunswick Palmer Geodesy & Geomatics Technical Report 1984
A new navigation filter Xu Geodesy & Geomatics Technical Report 1996
Block methods for nonlinear Volterra integral equations Garey Computer Science Technical Report 1975
Non-numeric measurement devices Goldfarb, Deshpande Computer Science Technical Report 1996
Appraising lexical bundles in mathematics classroom discourse: obligation and choice Herbel-Eisenmann, Wagner Education Article 2010
COMMAN: a communication analyzer for OCCAM 2 d'Auriol, Bhavsar Computer Science Technical Report 1994
Determining Cliques of a Graph Johnson Computer Science Technical Report 1975
Measures of Obesity for Canada and New Brunswick Edwards, Ruggeri, Yu Economics Working Paper 2004-01-01
Festchrift in honour of Adam Chrzanowski Secord Geodesy & Geomatics Technical Report 2000
A working characterization of intelligence and a new model Goldfarb Computer Science Technical Report 1990
Activity-Based Labeling of Matrix Metalloproteinases in Living Vertebrate Embryos Keow, Pond, Cisar, Cravatt, Crawford Biology Article 2012-08-28
Combination of geodetic networks Thomson Geodesy & Geomatics Technical Report 1976
Measures of Human Capital Ruggeri, He Economics Working Paper 2002-01-01
NAD+ Biosynthesis Ameliorates a Zebrafish Model of Muscular Dystrophy Goody, Kelly, Reynolds, Khalil, Crawford, Henry Biology Article 2012-10-23
Gender Dimensions of Human Capital Growth in Canada Ruggeri, He Economics Working Paper 2003-10-01
Evaluation of mathematical models for gyrocompass behaviour: Christou Geodesy & Geomatics Technical Report 1983
Computer display of characters Gujar, So Computer Science Technical Report 1983
Acceleration of Blob Detection Within Images in Hardware Bochem, Herpers, Kent Computer Science Technical Report 2009


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