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Mactaquac Aquatic Ecosystem Study Report Series 2016-029, Assessment of the Mactaquac Headpond geomorphology and estimated sediment distribution (Project O'Sullivan, Curry, Yamazaki Report 2016-07-07
Mactaquac Aquatic Ecosystem Study Report Series 2015-016, Fish passage in large rivers: a literature review Linnansaari, Wallace, Curry, Yamazaki Report 2015-04-28
Mactaquac Aquatic Ecosystem Study Report Series 2015-015, Proceedings of the fish passage expert workshop: global views and preliminary considerations for Mactaquac Linnansaari, Curry, Yamazaki Report 2015-03-19
The Saint John River: A State of the Environment Report Report
The compilation of a map of recent vertical crustal movements in Canada Carrera, Vanicek, Craymer Technical Report 1991
On the equivalence of B-trees and deterministic skip list Lamoureux, Nickerson Technical Report 1996
The mirror of Erised: seeing a better world through Harry Potter and critical theory Brownell, Dale, Dube, Fernandez, Jardine, Hamilton, Hasson, Henderson, Jefferies, Kenny, Lane, Lawton, Le, MacLeod, Mangusso, Masterson, Murphy, Murray, Patten, Pluta, Pyke, Turner, Wiebe, Zundel Book
Real property issues in the marine aquaculture industry in New Brunswick Nichols, Edwards, Dobbin, Komjathy, Hanham Technical Report 2001
NAD+ Biosynthesis Ameliorates a Zebrafish Model of Muscular Dystrophy Goody, Kelly, Reynolds, Khalil, Crawford, Henry Biology Article 2012-10-23
Laminin and Matrix metalloproteinase 11 regulate Fibronectin levels in the zebrafish myotendinous junction Jenkins, Alrowaished, Goody, Crawford, Henry Biology Article 2016-05-02
Shuttling of CTP:Phosphocholine cytidylyltransferase between the nucleus and endoplasmic reticulum accompanies the wave of phosphatidylcholine synthesis during the G(0) --> G(1) transition. Northwood, Tong, Crawford, Drobnies, Cornell Biology Article 1999-09-10
Matrix metalloproteinases in neural development: a phylogenetically diverse perspective Small, Crawford Biology Article 2016-04-01
YIGSR domain of laminin binds surface receptors of mesenchyme and stimulates migration during gastrulation in sea urchins Crawford, Burke Biology Article 1994
Mouse embryonic fibroblasts accumulate differentially on titanium surfaces treated with nanosecond laser pulses Radmanesh, Ektasabi, Wyatt, Crawford, Kiani Biology Article 2016-09
Small Tails Tell Tall Tales – Intra-Individual Variation in the Stable Isotope Values of Fish Fin Hayden, Cunjak Biology Article 2015
Activity and Distribution of Paxillin, Focal Adhesion Kinase, and Cadherin Indicate Cooperative Roles during Zebrafish Morphogenesis Crawford, Henry, Clason, Becker, Hille Biology Article 2013-04-15
Experimental Dissection of Metalloproteinase Inhibition-Mediated and Toxic Effects of Phenanthroline on Zebrafish Development Crawford, Ellis Biology Article 2016-09-08
Activity-Based Labeling of Matrix Metalloproteinases in Living Vertebrate Embryos Keow, Pond, Cisar, Cravatt, Crawford Biology Article 2012-08-28
Mactaquac Aquatic Ecosystem Study Report Series 2015-001, Contract Deliverable – Interim Report on the Predicted Hydrological Regime: Future Discharge at Fredericton (Station 01AK003) Curry, St-Hilaire, Dugdale, Monk Biology Report 2015-02-15
Mactaquac Aquatic Ecosystem Study Report Series 2015-005, METHODS PAPER: Macrophyte Inventory and Cataloging for the Saint John River Downstream of the Mactaquac Generating Station Bruce, Tyrrell Biology Report 2015-04-16


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