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The process, outcomes, and challenges of feasibility studies conducted in partnership with stakeholders: A health intervention for women survivors of intimate partner violence Wuest, Merritt-Grey, Dubé, Hodgins, Malcolm, Majerovich, Scott-Storey, Ford-Gilboe, Varcoe Nursing Article 2015
A theory-based primary health care intervention for women who have left abusive partners. Ford-Gilboe, Merritt-Gray, Varcoe, Wuest Nursing Article 2011
Regional differences in collecting freethought books in American public libraries Sloan Library and Information Science Article 2012
The impact of information architecture on academic web site usability Gullikson, Blades, Bragdon, McKibbon, Sparling, Toms Library and Information Science Article 1999
Practice and preservation: Format issues Bragdon, Burk, Charlong, Nugent Library and Information Science Article 2008
Rock and Roll Library Confidential Bragdon Library and Information Science Article 2013
Phyllosilicates geochemistry and distribution in the Altar porphyry Cu-(Au) deposit, Andes Cordillera of San Juan, Argentina: Maydagán, Franchini, Impiccini, Lentz Earth Sciences Article 2016
Recognizing and quantifying metamorphosed alteration zones through amphibolite facies metamorphic overprint at the Key Anacon Zn-Pb-Cu-Ag deposits, Bathurst Mining Camp, New Brunswick, Canada Zulu, Lentz, Walker, McFarlane Earth Sciences Article 2016
The Nucleus deposit: superposed Au-Ag-Bi-Cu mineralization systems at Freegold Mountain, Yukon, Canada with constraint from titanite U-Pb dating Betsi, Lentz, McFarlane Earth Sciences Article 2016
Violence in un-rooted mathematics Abtahi, Wagner Education Article 2016
Students' Language Repertoires for Prediction Wagner, Dicks, Kristmanson Education Article 2015
Language and communication in mathematics education: an overview of research in the field Morgan, Craig, Schuette, Wagner Education Article 2014
Appraising lexical bundles in mathematics classroom discourse: obligation and choice Herbel-Eisenmann, Wagner Education Article 2010
Discursive Authority and Sociocultural Positioning in the Mathematics Classroom: New Directions for Teacher Professional Development de Freitas, Esmonde, Wagner, Knipping, Lunney Borden, Reid Education Article 2012
Opening mathematics texts: resisting the seduction Wagner Education Article 2012
Identifying authority structures in mathematics classroom discourse -- a case of a teacher's early experience in a new context Wagner, Herbel-Eisenmann Education Article 2014
Facing the Mathematics: Students’ Critical Awareness of the Elusiveness of Mathematical Objects Wagner Education Article 2011
Warm Bodies Using Cold Mathematics Wagner Education Article 2011
Lexical bundle analysis in mathematics classroom discourse: The significance of stance Herbel-Eisenmann, Wagner, Cortes Education Article 2010
NAD+ Biosynthesis Ameliorates a Zebrafish Model of Muscular Dystrophy Goody, Kelly, Reynolds, Khalil, Crawford, Henry Biology Article 2012-10-23


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