Faculty / Staff Works

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Titlesort descending Author(s) Discipline Type Date
Small Tails Tell Tall Tales – Intra-Individual Variation in the Stable Isotope Values of Fish Fin Hayden, Cunjak Biology Article 2015
Violence in un-rooted mathematics Abtahi, Wagner Education Article 2016
Geometric fractals using traversal strategies Gujar, Bhavsar, Choi, Kalra Computer Science Technical Report 1992
Students' Language Repertoires for Prediction Wagner, Dicks, Kristmanson Education Article 2015
Opening mathematics texts: resisting the seduction Wagner Education Article 2012
The Design of Efficient Pattern Recognition Systems Goldfarb Computer Science Technical Report
Merge Path Improvements for Minimal Model Hyper Tableaux Baumgartner, Horton, Spencer Computer Science Technical Report 1998
Natural Language Morphology Representation Roussillon Computer Science Technical Report 2004
Pseudo-random number sequences for parallel computers Lambrou Technical Report
Sensor web language for dynamic sensor networks Saini, Nickerson Computer Science Technical Report 2010
Data Structures for Moving Objects on Fixed Networks Thi Thu Le, Nickerson Computer Science Technical Report 2007
Deterministic skip lists for k-dimensional range search Lamoureux, Nickerson Computer Science Technical Report 1995
Non-numeric measurement devices Goldfarb, Deshpande Computer Science Technical Report 1996
Spatial data structure indexing for video databases Xie Technical Report 2000
Position-independent street searching Hipke, Lopez-Ortizt Computer Science Technical Report 1999
Cost Model of Satellite Systems for Real-Time Helicopter Operations Nickerson, Wu Computer Science Article 2002
Evaluation of the discrepancy of the linear congruential pseudo-random number sequences Bhavsar, Lambrou, Horton, Gujar Computer Science Article 1987
The ultimate strategy to search on m rays? Lopez-Ortiz, Schuierer Computer Science Article 1998
GPS satellite sky distribution Santerre Geodesy & Geomatics Technical Report 1989
Remote Sensing for renewable resource monitoring in the Maritime provinces Hamilton Geodesy & Geomatics Article 1979


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