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Facing the Mathematics: Students’ Critical Awareness of the Elusiveness of Mathematical Objects Wagner Education Article 2011
Phyllosilicates geochemistry and distribution in the Altar porphyry Cu-(Au) deposit, Andes Cordillera of San Juan, Argentina: Maydagán, Franchini, Impiccini, Lentz Earth Sciences Article 2016
An Umbrella Review of Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management of Patients with Hip Fractures and a Synthesis of Recommendations for the Pre-Operative Period Filiatreault, Hodgins, Witherspoon Nursing Article 2018-03-24
Violence in un-rooted mathematics Abtahi, Wagner Education Article 2016
Between Community and State: Practicing public health in Cape Breton, 1938-1948 Mullally History Article 2009
The design of re-engineering framework for land information management in Jamaica Sutherland Geodesy & Geomatics Article 1995
Small Tails Tell Tall Tales – Intra-Individual Variation in the Stable Isotope Values of Fish Fin Hayden, Cunjak Biology Article 2015
Performance considerations for real-time navigation with the GPS Doucet Geodesy & Geomatics Article 1986
Prediction of error due to terrain slope in LiDAR observations Goulden Geodesy & Geomatics Article 2009
YIGSR domain of laminin binds surface receptors of mesenchyme and stimulates migration during gastrulation in sea urchins Crawford, Burke Biology Article 1994
The process, outcomes, and challenges of feasibility studies conducted in partnership with stakeholders: A health intervention for women survivors of intimate partner violence Wuest, Merritt-Grey, Dubé, Hodgins, Malcolm, Majerovich, Scott-Storey, Ford-Gilboe, Varcoe Nursing Article 2015
Evaluation of CMA771 omega receiver performance on project CESAR Quek, Wells Geodesy & Geomatics Article 1985
Lexical bundle analysis in mathematics classroom discourse: The significance of stance Herbel-Eisenmann, Wagner, Cortes Education Article 2010
Recognizing and quantifying metamorphosed alteration zones through amphibolite facies metamorphic overprint at the Key Anacon Zn-Pb-Cu-Ag deposits, Bathurst Mining Camp, New Brunswick, Canada Zulu, Lentz, Walker, McFarlane Earth Sciences Article 2016
A theory-based primary health care intervention for women who have left abusive partners. Ford-Gilboe, Merritt-Gray, Varcoe, Wuest Nursing Article 2011
Estimation of sounding uncertainty from measurments of water mass variability Beaudoin Geodesy & Geomatics Article 2010
Remote Sensing for renewable resource monitoring in the Maritime provinces Hamilton Geodesy & Geomatics Article 1979
DIPOP differential positioning package for the Global Positioning System Vanĩcek, Beutler, Kleusberg, Langley, Santerre, Wells Geodesy & Geomatics Article 1985
Activity-Based Labeling of Matrix Metalloproteinases in Living Vertebrate Embryos Keow, Pond, Cisar, Cravatt, Crawford Biology Article 2012-08-28
Reimagining Religious Identity: The Moor in Dutch and English Pamphlets, 1550–1620 Waite History Article 2013


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