Faculty / Staff Works

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Title Author(s) Discipline Typesort descending Date
Becoming a transformative vice-principal in culturally and linguistically rich diverse schools: “Pace yourself. It’s a marathon, not a sprint” Hamm Education Article 2017
Selected check-list of resource materials for the teaching of surveying Hamilton Geodesy & Geomatics Article 1980
Visualization, statistical analysis, and mining of historical vessel data Muthu Geodesy & Geomatics Article 2015
Warm Bodies Using Cold Mathematics Wagner Education Article 2011
Shuttling of CTP:Phosphocholine cytidylyltransferase between the nucleus and endoplasmic reticulum accompanies the wave of phosphatidylcholine synthesis during the G(0) --> G(1) transition. Northwood, Tong, Crawford, Drobnies, Cornell Biology Article 1999-09-10
On the detection of outliers and the determination of reliability in geodetic networks Kavouras Geodesy & Geomatics Article 1982
Experiments with the ALPOC theorem prover Spencer, Horton, Francis Computer Science Article 1995
Secondary phaselag computation Mahmood Geodesy & Geomatics Article 1986
Opening mathematics texts: resisting the seduction Wagner Education Article 2012
Short-Arc orbit improvement for GPS satellites Parrot Geodesy & Geomatics Article 1989
Activity and Distribution of Paxillin, Focal Adhesion Kinase, and Cadherin Indicate Cooperative Roles during Zebrafish Morphogenesis Crawford, Henry, Clason, Becker, Hille Biology Article 2013-04-15
The electronic chart Hamilton, Nickerson Geodesy & Geomatics Article 1982
Matrix metalloproteinases in neural development: a phylogenetically diverse perspective Small, Crawford Biology Article 2016-04-01
Sound Field Systems in New Brunswick Classrooms: Let’s Enhance Their Use! Lafargue, Lafargue Education Article 2012
Mouse embryonic fibroblasts accumulate differentially on titanium surfaces treated with nanosecond laser pulses Radmanesh, Ektasabi, Wyatt, Crawford, Kiani Biology Article 2016-09
Appraising lexical bundles in mathematics classroom discourse: obligation and choice Herbel-Eisenmann, Wagner Education Article 2010
Global Ionospheric total electron content mapping using the Global Positioning System Komjathy Geodesy & Geomatics Article 1997
Réflexions sur la littératie : compte rendu Le Bouthillier, Bourgoin Education Article 2010
Rock and Roll Library Confidential Bragdon Library and Information Science Article 2013
Language and communication in mathematics education: an overview of research in the field Morgan, Craig, Schuette, Wagner Education Article 2014


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