Faculty / Staff Works

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Title Author(s) Discipline Type Datesort ascending
The Incidence of the Proposed Carbon Tax in New Brunswick Ruggeri, Bourgeois Economics Working Paper 2009-01-01
Counter-insurgency Intelligence: The Evolution of British Theory and Practice Charters History Article 2009
Between Community and State: Practicing public health in Cape Breton, 1938-1948 Mullally History Article 2009
Assessing alternative technologies for use of volunteered geographic information in authoritative databases Sabone Geodesy & Geomatics Technical Report 2009
Prediction of error due to terrain slope in LiDAR observations Goulden Geodesy & Geomatics Article 2009
Federal Fiscal Policy & Interregional Redistribution Ruggeri, Watson Economics Working Paper 2008-01-01
Health Care Investment by Provincial Governments Ruggeri, Doucet, Watson Economics Working Paper 2008-01-01
Practice and preservation: Format issues Bragdon, Burk, Charlong, Nugent Library and Information Science Article 2008
L'écriture en immersion française : les meilleurs pratiques et le rôle d'une communauté professionnelle d'apprentissage Kristmanson, Dicks, Le Bouthillier, Bourgoin Education Article 2008
Government Spending on Health Care as Public Investment Ruggeri, Doucet Economics Working Paper 2007-01-01
Investment in Natural Capital by the Federal Government in Canada Ruggeri Economics Working Paper 2007-01-01
Data Structures for Moving Objects on Fixed Networks Thi Thu Le, Nickerson Computer Science Technical Report 2007
Maximizing the coverage and utility of multibeam backscatter for seafloor classification de Oliveira Geodesy & Geomatics Technical Report 2007
A systems engineering approach to designing an ocean and coastal information management strategy Komjathy Geodesy & Geomatics Technical Report 2007
A comparison of local and wide area GNSS differential corrections disseminated using the network transort of RTCM via internet protocol (NTRIP) McKessock Geodesy & Geomatics Technical Report 2007
Population Aging as Fiscal Stabilizer Ruggeri, Zou Economics Working Paper 2006-01-01
A methodology for raster to vector conversion of colour scanned maps Sharma Geodesy & Geomatics Technical Report 2006
Population Dependency Ratios Versus Fiscal Dependency Ratios Ruggeri, Zou Economics Working Paper 2005-01-01
Early results towards the Canadian geoid in the three-space scenario Yang Geodesy & Geomatics Technical Report 2005
The Price Effects of Rising Concentration in US Food Manufacturing Dickson, Sun Economics Working Paper 2004-11-01


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