Faculty / Staff Works

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Title Author(s) Discipline Typesort descending Date
The Determinants of Provincial Minimum Wages Dickson, Myatt Economics Working Paper 2001-05-01
Sexual minority status and the hospital burden of cardiometabolic diseases: protocol for an observational study using linked survey and hospital data Gupta, Seng Sociology Working Paper 2019-03-01
A Proposal for Reducing Federal Taxes Ruggeri Economics Working Paper 1999-01-01
Modelling That Problem Set Which is Team Production Levine Economics Working Paper 1999-01-01
Tax-Based Saving Incentives and Public Policy in Canada Ruggeri Economics Working Paper 2000-01-01
Federal Income Tax Cuts and Regional Disparities Fougère, Ruggeri Economics Working Paper 2001-01-01
The Equity Effects of Tax Reform in New Brunswick Ruggeri, Bourgeois Economics Working Paper 2009-01-01
Is the Low Savings Rate of Households Indicative of Households in Crisis? Myatt, Murrell Economics Working Paper 1998-08-10
The Significance of Visceral Phenomena and Emotions in Decision-Making in Economic Analysis Levin Economics Working Paper 2001-01-01


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