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Land information in Prince Edward Island
Ocean tide loading on a self-gravitating, compressible, layered, anisotropic, viscoelastic and rotating earth with solid inner core and fluid outer core
Integrations of a coordinating system with conventional metrology in the setting out of magnetic lenses of nuclear accelerator
Critical evaluation of stereophotogrammetric methodology with emphasis on close-range applications
Robustness Analysis
Implementation of trigonometric height traversing in geodetic levelling of high precision
Trends and concerns of spatial sciences
A plan for coastal zone integrated resource management in a developing south west pacific island country
An investigation into acceleration determination for airborne gravimetry using the Global Positioning System
Conference 1988 on deformation surveys executive summaries
On the space-time ocean current variability and its effects on the length-of-day
Canada’s unresolved Maritime boundaries
The infrastructure requirements for a marine information management system
Vessel heave determination using the Global Positioning System
Computation of a file of geoidal heights using Molodenskij's truncation method
Optimization and design of deformation monitoring schemes
Integration of GPS and levelling for subsidence monitoring studies at Costa Bolivar oil fields, Venezuela
The application of expert systems in geographical information systems
Verification of gravimetric geoidal models by a combination of GPS and orthometric heights
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