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Surface current effects on ice floe accumulation
River bank erosion along the Nashwaak River
Design criteria for the efficient co-collection of solid wastes
A rock fracture study of the Mactaquac Dam site, New Brunswick, Canada
Water balance of the Saint John River Basin
Resistivity imaging through a recharge zone for the Fredericton aquifer
A cost/benefit study of earthen landfill covers
Culvert design analysis
Investigation of seismoelectric effects in soft sediments
Enhancement and application of a contaminant transport modeling program
The development of arsenic adsorption isotherms for G2 media
The measurement of groundwater seepage into Catamaran Brook, New Brunswick
Something fishy is going on in Jewetts Creek, NB
Geoenvironmental significance of spectral IP anomalies at two rock cuts along the new TransCanada Highway, central New Brunswick
Electrical conductivity as a tracer for the migration of lime neutralization sludge in waste rock at the Fire Road Mine, NB
A laboratory based investigation into the effects of in situ oxidative treatments of DNAPLs on porosity and permeability
The green power of blue : a feasibility study for micro tidal generators in the Bay of Fundy
An assessment of the possible occurrence of riverbank filtration in selected municipal water supplies within New Brunswick
A hydraulic study of salmon egg incubation baskets
Management of stormwater runoff at open windrow composting sites
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