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Twice migrant navigations of identity and laws: an exploratory study
Port Chance: an expedition into the formation of an educational virtual world
Women in Canada converting to Islam: a narrative inquiry
Voter behaviour in the New Brunswick provincial election of 2014
Ethics e:learning education in long-term care: A SWOT analysis
Techniques of governmentality, neoliberalism, technological determinism, and the McKenna miracle: a New Brunswick case study
It’s hip to be scene: authenticity, esoteric knowledge and subcultural style in Saint John and Portland
Job stability and the transition to adulthood
Battle on the home front: post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) medication side effects and the quality of life of Canadian male veterans
Connecting crossmodal interactions in visual music to create "mindful" experiences
"Look at me": disability, representation, and the female body
A summer literacy program for First Nations children
The revitalization of downtown St. Stephen
Monetization and Skyrim, appropriation and play
A fresh food tax credit and food security in New Brunswick
Speech variations in First Nations kindergarten children across Canada
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