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Diagramatic approach to solve least-squares adjustment and collocation problems
Investigation on the analytical form of the transition matrix in inertial geodesy
Interactive network design
Intersection of hyperbolae on the earth
The principal concepts for a long-term mapping program in the Maritime Provinces
Automated tidal reduction of soundings
A least squares adjustment for long baseline interferometry
The zero frequency response of sea level to meteorological influences
A manual for the establishment and assessment of horizontal survey networks in the Maritime Provinces
NAVSTAR performance analysis
Selected check-list of resource materials for the teaching of surveying
A review of alternatives for managing arctic hydrographic data
Estimation of gravity tilt response to atmospheric phenomena at the Fredericton tiltmetric station using a least squares response method
A priori estimation of variance for surveying observables
An evaluation of three techniques for the prediction of gravity anomalies in Canada
Geodetic aspects of engineering surveys requiring high accuracy
A user's manual for program geopan geodetic plane adjustment and analysis
A manual for geodetic position computations in the Maritime Provinces
Sea surface computations from local satellite tracking and satellite altimetry
Application of NAVSTAR/GPS to geodesy in Canada
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