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Sets with no empty convex 7-gons
Computer Processing of Musical Scores
Adaptation of a Monte Carlo radiation transport code to supercomputers
Resolvable path designs
User interface to a flexible character generator
Evaluation of the discrepancy of the linear congruential pseudo-random number sequences
Monte Carlo neutron transport on the Alliant FX/8
Pseudo-random number sequences for parallel computers
Time complexity of sequential and parallel Monte Carlo solution of linear equations
A computer aided design tutorial system (CADETS)
A lower bound on the number of one-factors in bicubic graphs
A polynomial-time algorithm to find the shortest cycle basis of a graph
Analysis and synthesis of interpolating functions for 3-D objects
Interpolation techniques for 3-D object generation
Orthogonal starters in finite abelian groups
Computer display of characters
Design and analysis of parallel Monte Carlo algorithms
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