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Vision of Information Science Inspired by a New Representational Formalism
Reputation formalization for an information sharing multiagent system
On a novel evolutionary based model for genome rearrangement
Counting the number of equivalent binary resolution proofs
Adaptive resonance theory networks using incremental communication
A New Dominant Point-Based Parallel Algorithm for Multiple Longest Common Subsequence Problem
Enhancing data models with tuning transformations
A new heuristic algorithm for the linear arrangement problem
Ancestor Reduction in Binary Resolution Trees
The design of efficient pattern recognition systems
High Arity Nodes, Routing and Internet Tomography
Labeling Nodes in 3D Diagrams: Using Transparency for Text Legibility and Node Visibility
Towards a Formalization of Trust
Support Ordered Resolution
Architectural components of information sharing societies
The Parameterized Complexity of p-Center Approximate Substring Problems
Astrolabe: A Collaborative Multi-Perspective Goal-Oriented Risk Analysis Methodology
An O (n log 2 n / log log n) lower bound for Algorithm W in a synchronous fail-stop (no restart) PRAM
SWAMI: A Multiagent, Active Representation of a User’s Browsing Interests
Combining Rank/Activity with Set of Support, Hyperresolution and Subsumption
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