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Frequency division technique on linear regression for robust simultaneous and proportional myoelectric control during medium and high contraction-level variation
Comparing biomechanical variables in older adult fallers and non-fallers
The effects of prolonged simulated driving on a simulated occupational lifting in a young and healthy population
Motor unit recruitment patterns in traditional strength loading and peak average power loading protocols
Variability in physical function for patients living with breast cancer during a 12-week exercise program
Pushing tasks
Aerobic performance adaptations to duration equated high intensity versus sprint interval training methods in an athletic population
Cerebrovascular and cardiorespiratory responses in young, mid-aged, and older adults during simulated driving
Effects of sprint interval training on metabolic flexibility in adults living with and without obesity
Tactical formation matchups associated with the outcome of soccer matches
Performance analysis of rhythmic unimanual and bimanual wrist coordination tasks
Differences in lower limb kinematics between female athletes and non-athletes during bilateral landing tasks and single leg step-downs
Analysis of motor-knee joint misalignment during walk, jog and squat activities with a lower-limb exoskeleton
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