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Large eddy simulation of dual impeller baffled mixer
Enzymatic pretreatment of wood to reduce energy consumption in thermo-mechanical pulp refining
Improving performance and internal model strength of myoelectric prosthesis control strategies using augmented feedback
Synthesis of nanostructured Al[subscript 2]O[subscript 3]-Ni(Cr) particles using high-energy mechanical alloying process for high velocity oxy-fuel coatings development
Investigations of a novel lower-limb exoskeleton control strategy
The effects of simultaneous control noise in 2-degree-of-freedom tasks on optical control strategies
A digital modular protection for wind energy conversion systems with battery storage
Numerical investigation of leading edge radio effects on MULDICON flow characteristics
Mechanical characterization and constitutive modelling of additively manufactured ALSI10MG_200C
Mechanical characterization, constitutive and finite element modelling of SMC composites with randomly oriented glass fibres
Wall shear-stress management on an accelerating circular cylinder
Baseline noise and model parameters in surface electromyography
Investigating thumb mechanics in texting using novel instrumentation methods
A modular protection for grid-connected battery storage systems
3D transient modeling of thin-film coated surfaces to predict the temperature and ablated areas during laser processing
Synthesis of onion-like carbon using 3-phase plasma reactor
An IoT platform for occupancy prediction using support vector machine
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