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A comparative study of portable bridges used in the forest industry
A rule-based system to allocate harvest blocks
A comparative cost analysis for pulp chip processing using the Peterson Pacific 5000 (DDC)
An evaluation of product cruise methods for small woodlots
A manual for conducting productivity studies for forest machines
A study of the relationships between haul truck speed and road geometry with considerations to load status and engine power for primary forest roads in Northern Saskatchewan
A benefit/cost analysis of timber marking northern tolerant hardwoods in North/Central Maine
A review of the current design code provisions for nailed joints
A proposal for the facility layout of an industrial equipment garage
A systems design for managing workplace safety in Newfoundland forest operations
A structural analysis of timber bridges on the UNB woodlots
A review of commercial hemp production and its economic viability
A guideline for the installation of culverts on forest roads
A comparative study between Bräcke B-290 & B-390 line mounders
The effect of temperature and strain level on the springback of wood compressed in the radial direction (Book 1 of 2)
A comparison of the different joinery methods used in the construction of wood furniture
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