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Cultivating the soul: a model of presence
The relationship between maternal pre-pregnancy weight and breastfeeding initiation
The role of spirituality and self-determination in recovery fro drug and alcohol addiction among Indigenous people
Couples' process of becoming change agents in caring for daughters living with eating disorders
Breast cancer in young women: examining meanings post contralateral prophylactic mastectomy
Information, services, and support needs of people experiencing memory loss: qualitative findings
“Our Healing Starts With Our Women”: Wolamsotuwakonol of the Indian Residential School Experience
Analysis of clinical data to examine utility of quality statements for the management of patients with hip fractures in the emergency department
Transformation and embodiment: nursing students' lived experiences of learning caring in nursing education
An institutional ethnographic exploration of the transitional experience of registered nurses entering the long-term care environment
Experiences of palliative inpatients with equine therapy
Community health worker experiences with people who use drugs: a phenomenological study
The meaning of nurses' experiences caring for families where mothers and infants are addicted to substances
Envisioning an integrated clinical nurse specialist role in primary care and primary health care for health care reform in New Brunswick: a modified Delphi study of key stakeholders' perspectives
Frontline nursing staff provisions for self-determination with nursing home residents with cognitive impairments: a scoping review in partnership with Loch Lomond Villa
From loving husband to loving caregiver: the lived experience of intimacy and sexuality in the transition to caregiver for men who care for their female partner with dementia
Newcomers' experience of workplace bullying: a grounded theory study
A case study describing the experience of three New Brunswick adults with prediabetes while partaking in a nurse-guided health promotion lifestyle intervention
Transitioning from pediatric to adult healthcare
The role of nurse practitioners in preventing the revolving door of readmissions and emergency department visits among individuals with complex needs
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