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Continuous GPS monitoring of crustal deformation with the Western Canada Deformation Array
GPS satellite sky distribution
The calibration of a parabolic antenna with the aid of closer-range photogrammetry and surveying
The evaluation and implementation of an Apple II Micro-computer as an interactive graphics terminal
Early results towards the Canadian geoid in the three-space scenario
A long arc approach to GPS satellite orbit improvement
Gravity field and levelled heights in Canada
GPS design
Combination of geodetic networks
Design and analysis of the vertical control for the Superconducting Super Collider Project in Texas
Tuning the CARIS implementation of cube for Patagonian waters
Robustness Analysis
Land registration
Analysis of the Juan de Fucas GPS survey 1986
Analysis of multi-frequency carrier phase linear combinations for GNSS
Building detection in off-nadir very high resolution satellite images based on stereo 3D information
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