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Development and assessment of loosely-coupled ins using smartphone sensors
User-side modelling and comparative analysis of airborne LiDAR errors
Spatial analysis of land cover changes in the Grand Lake Meadows, New Brunswick
Carrier-Phase multipath mitigation in RTK-based GNSS dual-antenna systems
Coupling of repetitive multibeam surveys and hydrodynamic modelling to understand bedform migration and delta evolution
Extracting sonar relative beam patterns for multi-sector multibeam sonar
Autonomous mobile robot indoor navigation using multi-sensor integration
Advances in gravity based height systems
Implementing scalable geoweb applications using cloud and internet computing
Improved convergence for GNSS precise point positioning
Visualization, statistical analysis, and mining of historical vessel data
Implementation and validation of a UNB Vienna Mapping Functions service
Urban land cover classification and moving vehicle extraction using very high resolution satellite imagery
Proper environmental reduction for attenuation in multi-sector sonars
De-correlation of tropospheric error and height component on GNSS using combined zenith-dependent parameter
Modelling the estuarine circulation of the port of Saint John
Building detection in off-nadir very high resolution satellite images based on stereo 3D information
Assessment of atmospheric pressure loading on the international GNSS REPRO1 solutions periodic signatures
Automatic mid-water target detection using multibeam water column
Design of a semi-automated LiDAR point classification framework
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