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Water vapor and gas barrier properties of cellulose-based materials
Innovative utilization of starch in biodegradable and antimicrobial materials
An investigation of iron concentration effects and modelling of flow accelerated corrosion
Enhancing moisture barrier and grease resistance of paper for green-based packaging materials
Recovery of acetic acid from prehydrolysis liquor of kraft based hardwood dissolving pulp process
Development of a high temperature lithium-ion sensor and reference electrode for application in nuclear reactor systems
Synthesis of highly active unsupported molybdenum sulfide catalysts for hydrosulfurization and hydrodeoxygenation
Integration of catalytic cracking and hydrotreating technology for triglyceride deoxygenation
Bio-nanocomposites for enhancing water vapor barrier of cellulose-based packaging materials
Novel magnetically recyclable MoS[subscript 2] catalysts for hydrodesulfurization and hydrodeoxygenation
A comprehensive CANDU-6 model: Primary side transport of dissolved and particulate radioactive species
Study of metal hydride anode material in li-based batteries and halogenated anesthetic adsorption
Electrical properties study of carbon fillers in polymer nanocomposites
Density functional theory studies of furfural hydrodeoxygenations on various catalysts
Gamma-valerolactone and ionic liquid-based separation processes of cellulose and hemicelluloses, and its associated green/sustainable biorefinery processes
Reducing bio-oil oxygen content via in-situ deoxygenation and hydrogen production
Effect of materials and geometry on hydrogen accumulation inside a hydrogen effusion probe
Green adsorbents based on functional-modified cellulose and copolymers for water clarification
The effects of film-forming amines on flow-accelerated corrosion
Elucidating adsorption mechanisms in carbon molecular sieves and development of new methodologies for fast screening of gas and liquid adsorption systems
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