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Immigrant entrepreneurs' intentions and motivations: the case of South Korean immigrant entrepreneurs in Saint John
The impact of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) on the export of Machinery and Transportation Equipment (M&TE) from Canada to European Union (EU) countries
Continuous improvement methodologies in the public service sector of solid waste management: a New Brunswick case study
The interownership index
Stock price prediction via deep belief networks
Examining correlations between student debt levels and financial literacy
An exploratory study of knowledge-seeking behaviour of New Brunswick entrepreneurs
Revising the system of corporate tax loss transfers in Canada
Persistence and entrepreneurial success
A convexity adjusted duration gap model to measure interest rate risk application to a hypothetical small bank
Online branding project
Should I stay or should I go? employability in educational orientations
Innovation policy and regional economic development: an overview of the cybersecurity sector in New Brunswick
Experiences with the online format in the MBA program at the Faculty of Management at the University of New Brunswick
Exploring Competitiveness in Property and Casualty Mutual Insurers
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