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A cluster multi-spacecraft study of Earth's bow shock
Determination and analysis of the sub-second fluctuations in the ionospheric electron density using the GPS
Quantitative magnetic resonance measurements of porous media: radio frequency field mapping and selective pulse design
An empirical model of ionospheric scintillation at high latitudes
Modeling electron density at high latitudes: development of the Empirical Canadian High Arctic Ionospheric Model (E-CHAIM)
Data sampling and reconstruction strategies for rock core magnetic resonance imaging
Empirical model in the characterization of high frequency propagation in the Arctic region
Magnetic resonance study of two-phase gas-liquid systems :
Doppler Michelson interferometer wind observations and interpretations
Magnetic resonance and magnetic resonance imaging measurements of porous media: fluid quantification and magnetic susceptibility contrast
Variational calculation of the hydrogen molecular ion
Forks on a dusty road
GPS total electron content techniques for observing the structure and dynamics of the high latitude ionosphere
Precision calculations of long-range interactions among three atomic systems
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