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Soil-structure interaction of steel fibre reinforced concrete slab strips on grade with geogrid reinforcement
Automated target retrieval system
Enhancing moisture barrier and grease resistance of paper for green-based packaging materials
Movement modeling in 3D for MANETS
Driver adaptation to a new two-lane roundabout: a new perspective using drones
Concurrent task execution on the Intel Xeon Phi
Toward an enhanced understanding of rejection in pattern recognition-based myoelectric control
Multi-objective user tunable interface for assistance control of a lower limb exoskeleton
Northeastern Atlantic boreal forest growth response to key climatic growing variables
Precise point positioning with wide area differential GPS corrections
Variability analysis in surface electromyography features
Nanostructured cuprous oxide synthesized by bipolar electrochemistry
Investigating suspected background processes in Android malware classification through dynamic automated reverse engineering and semi-automated debugging
Social network analysis of chimney swift (Chaetura pelagica) roost sites and management implications
Variability in physical function for patients living with breast cancer during a 12-week exercise program
A dynamic approach to balance assessment using self-induced perturbations
The effect of triploidy on postprandial metabolism and ammonia excretion in brook charr, Salvelinus fontinalis
Pushing tasks
Wood turtle ecology and management strategies in a landscape under active agriculture
Exploring Competitiveness in Property and Casualty Mutual Insurers
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