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Between Community and State: Practicing public health in Cape Breton, 1938-1948
The design of re-engineering framework for land information management in Jamaica
Prediction of error due to terrain slope in LiDAR observations
YIGSR domain of laminin binds surface receptors of mesenchyme and stimulates migration during gastrulation in sea urchins
A theory-based primary health care intervention for women who have left abusive partners.
Estimation of sounding uncertainty from measurments of water mass variability
A real-time software GNSS receiver development framework
Regional differences in collecting freethought books in American public libraries
Counter-insurgency Intelligence: The Evolution of British Theory and Practice
The impact of information architecture on academic web site usability
Robustness analysis of geodetic networks
A plan for coastal zone integrated resource management in a developing south west pacific island country
Practice and preservation: Format issues
Shuttling of CTP:Phosphocholine cytidylyltransferase between the nucleus and endoplasmic reticulum accompanies the wave of phosphatidylcholine synthesis during the G(0) --> G(1) transition.
Experiments with the ALPOC theorem prover
Short-Arc orbit improvement for GPS satellites
Global Ionospheric total electron content mapping using the Global Positioning System
A case study of the production of an S-57 ENC with CARIS tools
Can rural older drivers meet their needs without a car? Stated adaptation responses from a GPS travel diary survey
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