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Large eddy simulation of dual impeller baffled mixer
Enzymatic pretreatment of wood to reduce energy consumption in thermo-mechanical pulp refining
Synthesis of nanostructured Al[subscript 2]O[subscript 3]-Ni(Cr) particles using high-energy mechanical alloying process for high velocity oxy-fuel coatings development
Investigations of a novel lower-limb exoskeleton control strategy
Numerical investigation of leading edge radio effects on MULDICON flow characteristics
Mechanical characterization and constitutive modelling of additively manufactured ALSI10MG_200C
Mechanical characterization, constitutive and finite element modelling of SMC composites with randomly oriented glass fibres
Wall shear-stress management on an accelerating circular cylinder
Investigating thumb mechanics in texting using novel instrumentation methods
3D transient modeling of thin-film coated surfaces to predict the temperature and ablated areas during laser processing
Synthesis of onion-like carbon using 3-phase plasma reactor
An IoT platform for occupancy prediction using support vector machine
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