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A cluster multi-spacecraft study of Earth's bow shock
GPS total electron content techniques for observing the structure and dynamics of the high latitude ionosphere
Determination and analysis of the sub-second fluctuations in the ionospheric electron density using the GPS
Quantitative magnetic resonance measurements of porous media: radio frequency field mapping and selective pulse design
An empirical model of ionospheric scintillation at high latitudes
Modeling electron density at high latitudes: development of the Empirical Canadian High Arctic Ionospheric Model (E-CHAIM)
Precision calculations of long-range interactions among three atomic systems
Data sampling and reconstruction strategies for rock core magnetic resonance imaging
Cosmological perturbation theory in a matter-time gauge
Development of an automated technique to pursue a climatology of atmospheric gravity waves above Eureka, Nunavut
Analysing neural firing with the Fitz-Hugh Nagumo model
Empirical model in the characterization of high frequency propagation in the Arctic region
Magnetic resonance study of two-phase gas-liquid systems :
Doppler Michelson interferometer wind observations and interpretations
High data rate global positioning system receiver performance analysis for ionospheric monitoring within the Canadian high arctic region
Variational calculation of the hydrogen molecular ion
Forks on a dusty road
Magnetic resonance and magnetic resonance imaging measurements of porous media: fluid quantification and magnetic susceptibility contrast
Proteus magnets for fluid composition and fluid flow measurements
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