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Education Policies and Economic Growth
A Note on the Probability of Recessions: Can Statistics Canada's Leading Index Predict as Well as MARS
Population Dependency Ratios Versus Fiscal Dependency Ratios
Did the 1994/96 Employment Insurance Reforms Improve Labour Market Outcomes for Young People
Measures of Obesity for Canada and New Brunswick
Economic Indicators, Units of Measurement and Convergence
Net Benefits for Governments, Students and the Public from Spending on Universities in New Brunswick
Public Education and Economic Growth Under Progressive Taxation
Climate Change Plans for Canada: a Full Cost-Benefit Framework for Evaluating Options at the Provincial Level
Measures of Human Capital
Extended Critical Values for a Simple Test for Cointegration
A National Formulary for Canada
Gender Dimensions of Human Capital Growth in Canada
The Price Effects of Rising Concentration in US Food Manufacturing
Optimal Concentration and Deadweight Losses in Canadian Manufacturing
Input Separability in the Canadian Cable Television Industry: An Application of Generalized Additive Models
Recent Issues in Equalization Payments as They Pertain to Atlantic Canada
The Location Choice of New Immigrants to Canada: The Role of Ethnic Networks
The Determinants of Provincial Minimum Wages
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