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An investigation of multi-level k-ranges
Natural Language Morphology Representation
What is a structural representation?
On the generating process and the class typicality measure
Tries for spatial data range search
What Is a Structural Measurement Process?
Dynamic Programming Algorithms as Reversible Circuits: Symmetric Function Realization
Approximate Orthogonal Range Search using Patricia Tries
Distributed Geospatial Data Access on the WWW
A Polynomial Time Algorithm to Find the Minimal Cycle Basis of a Regular Matroid
What Is a Structural Representation in Chemistry: Towards a Unified Framework for CADD?
k-dimensional orthogonal range search with tries
The ACORN Multi-Agent System
A W[2]-Hard Variant of Common Approximate Substring
Web Accessible Real-Time Geospatial Operations Via Satellite Communications
What Is a Structural Representation?
k-d Range Search with Binary Patricia Tries
Cost Model of Satellite Systems for Real-Time Helicopter Operations
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