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Facing the Mathematics: Students’ Critical Awareness of the Elusiveness of Mathematical Objects
Violence in un-rooted mathematics
Lexical bundle analysis in mathematics classroom discourse: The significance of stance
Identifying authority structures in mathematics classroom discourse -- a case of a teacher's early experience in a new context
Students' Language Repertoires for Prediction
Becoming a transformative vice-principal in culturally and linguistically rich diverse schools: “Pace yourself. It’s a marathon, not a sprint”
Warm Bodies Using Cold Mathematics
Opening mathematics texts: resisting the seduction
Appraising lexical bundles in mathematics classroom discourse: obligation and choice
Language and communication in mathematics education: an overview of research in the field
Discursive Authority and Sociocultural Positioning in the Mathematics Classroom: New Directions for Teacher Professional Development
Behind the door: a critical look at the process of publication in Educational Studies in Mathematics
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