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A high-resolution digital soil mapping framework for New Brunswick, Canada
Exploring the ethical orientations of environmental lifestyle practitioners
Stand structural changes following commercial thinning of white spruce
Simultaneous measurement of elastic constants of engineered wood-based panels by modal testing
Log moisture content determination with quantitative magnetic resonance
Adapting hydrological modeling for Atlantic Canada's climate, landscape, and vegetation conditions: from field to small and large watersheds
Estimating heritability of pest resistance in forest trees: exploring potential biases from methodological and ecological factors
Structural response of mid-rise hybrid building system consisting of a light wood frame structure and stiff core
Influence of laminate characteristics on properties of single-layer and cross laminated timber (CLT) panels
Economic impacts of climate change in forest and agriculture sectors in Canada :
Spaces for public participation in crown land governance
How scientists and scientific information influence public forest policy
Geospatial analysis of total mercury concentrations in stream and lake sediments across Canada
Real-time and non-destructive characterization of wood log properties using near-infrared and ground penetrating radar sensors
Determining the mechanism of impact of hardwood content on spruce budworm defoliation of balsam fir
Mapping soil trafficability by way of temporal hydrology modeling and spatial wet-areas-mapping
Using hyperspectral images to map moisture content and basic density of boards and frozen and thawed logs
Enhancing understanding of BMP effectiveness and land use change impacts on water quality, water quantity, and potato production in Atlantic Canada
Thermal and hydraulic characteristics of landscapes and their rivers
Problem solving skills assessment methodology: design and application in a forestry case study
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