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Analysis of upper limb prosthetic and BMI data in Atlantic Canada
An exploratory study of the lived experience of infertility among young men after cancer treatment
Mobile apps in the workplace? Addo: a process and outcome evaluation
Patient voice: appreciative inquiry into living well with diabetes
Individual and ecological determinants of access to mental health services among youth: an analysis of survey and census data
Seeing beyond the eating disorder: health professionals knowledge, skills, and experiences in eating disorder care in New Brunswick, Canada
Risk factors for Conduct Disorder among Canadian children: a focus on childhood-onset Conduct Disorder
The social determinants of health and individuals with upper limb loss
The dynamics of empowerment measures on population health outcome and well-being
The effect of empowerment/self determination on population health
Exploring the role of lay and professional patient navigators in Canada
Assessment of dentists' attitudes and practices to provide services in long-term care facilities
The lived experiences of Middle Eastern immigrant women during their cancer survivorship journey : a phenomenological study.
Exploring the impact of the New Brunswick pediatric insulin pump program on type 1 diabetes health outcomes
Cultural sensitivity experiences of South Asian patients in primary care
The experience of breastfeeding after birth trauma: a phenomenological study
Aging in place: older adults' perspective of home support services in New Brunswick
Effectiveness of an online game in promoting positive attitudes towards nursing homes among youth
An analysis of the association of diet, oral health and obesity in Canadian adults
The distribution of physical activity and rehabilitation programs in Saint John, New Brunswick
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