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Diagramatic approach to solve least-squares adjustment and collocation problems
Investigation on the analytical form of the transition matrix in inertial geodesy
The stereographic double projection
A manual for geodetic coordinate transformations in the Maritime provinces
Interactive network design
Intersection of hyperbolae on the earth
The principal concepts for a long-term mapping program in the Maritime Provinces
Automated tidal reduction of soundings
The zero frequency response of sea level to meteorological influences
A manual for the establishment and assessment of horizontal survey networks in the Maritime Provinces
NAVSTAR performance analysis
Infrastructure information requirements in the Maritie Provinces
A review of alternatives for managing arctic hydrographic data
Estimation of gravity tilt response to atmospheric phenomena at the Fredericton tiltmetric station using a least squares response method
A priori estimation of variance for surveying observables
An evaluation of three techniques for the prediction of gravity anomalies in Canada
Geodetic aspects of engineering surveys requiring high accuracy
The title and boundaries of New Brunswick highways
A manual for geodetic position computations in the Maritime Provinces
Application of NAVSTAR/GPS to geodesy in Canada
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