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Detecting deceit from idiosyncratic deception clues
Attachment anxiety, self-disclosure, and authenticity: the moderating role of interdependence
Correctional professionals' self-reported adherence and attitudes toward the risk-need-responsivity (RNR) model of offender case management
The utility of acceptance and commitment therapy after brain injury: psychological flexibility and well-being
An analysis of the employment needs of provincial offenders and the impact of employment intervention
The role of resilience and cognitive coping in predicting post-traumatic symptoms in law enforcement employees
The role of psychological factors in determining positive and negative outcomes in individuals with MS: an attachment perspective
The influence of stable and fluctuating individual differences on executive functioning
Individual differences in the formation of coalitions and alliances
Identifying cannabis use motives and their association with problematic cannabis use
Evidence for decreasing academic procrastination through the incentives and consequences of competition
Negative social interactions affect the relationship between sexual orientation and mental health for Canadians
Cannabis use problems: who is at risk and why? the identification of markers
Subtypes of female intimate partner violence suspects: implications for the validity of the ODARA with females
Is syntax a signal of aggression in hermit thrush (Catharus guttatus) song?
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