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The quantification and exploitation of the strong π-donor ability of iminophosphorano substituents
Improving Bispyridinylidene-based organic reducing agents by increasing solubility and reductant strength
Replacing metals with organic materials in batteries
Detecting spoilage of tomatoes by ultrasound spectroscopy
A positively charged, diffusion resistant, bispyridinylidene derivative as an anolyte for organic redox flow batteries
Synthesis and electronic properties of dibenzothieno-isoindole dione building blocks for organic electronic devices
Capture of sulfur dioxide using sulfur oxydianions: synthesis and characterization of two novel compounds
The development of new ylidic substituents for stronger bispyridinylidene reducing agents
Structure elucidation and synthesis of a putative cuticular contact pheromone of the Braconid Wasp Wroughtonia Occidentalis, a native parasitoid of the Brown Spruce Longhorn Beetle (T. Fuscum)
The design, synthesis, and properties of isoindolinone molecular switches
A hyperfine analysis of the [4th power]Π–X[4th power]Σˉ transition of rhenium monocarbide
Laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy of cobalt monoboride and ruthenium monoboride
The sex pheromone of spruce budworm (Choristoneura fumiferana Clem)
Synthesis of organic building blocks featuring the ene-imine motif
One-pot synthesis of tetrasubstituted isoindolinones
Intramolecular [4+2] cycloaddition reactions :
Investigating the use of a thioketene methodology for heterocyclic ring formation
1,2-asymmetric induction in carbonyl compounds: a computational study
The synthesis and application of highly reducing bispyridinylidene electron donors
Development of electrochemical biosensors for the direct detection of infectious disease
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