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Salt water intrusion within a Carboniferous sandstone aquifer at Richibucto, New Brunswick as revealed by hydrogeophysical and petrophysical investigations
Investigation of seepage near the interface between an embankment dam and concrete structure: monitoring and modelling of seasonal temperature trends
Petrogenesis of the low sulfidation gold mineralization in the Williams Brook area, Tobique-Chaleur Zone, New Brunswick
Geochemical investigation of urban soils in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
Petrogenesis of the archean Prestige leucogranite and spatially associated LCT pegmatites: insights from whole-rock and muscovite trace element geochemistry and apatite U-Pb geochronology
Stratigraphy and sedimentology of post-windsor group redbeds, Sussex area, New Brunswick
Reservoir siltation and quaternary stratigraphy beneath the Mactaquac headpond as revealed by acoustic and ground penetrating radar sub-bottom imaging
An integration of geological and geophysical evidence of impact at Manicouagan
Structural analysis and mineral association of the Matoush uranium deposit, Otish Basin, Quebec
Geochronologic, petrographic, geochemical, and isotopic constraints on the origin of the uraniferous Lac Turgeon Intrusive Complex, Quebec
Portable x-ray fluorescence spectrometry investigation of till in the McDougall lake area, southwestern New Brunswick
Evolution and mineralization of the Moose II Lithium-Tantalum Pegmatite Deposit, Northwest Territories, Canada
Controls on genesis, distribution, and nature of the turbidite-hosted gold deposits, Eastbelt, Southwestern Slave Structural Province, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
Lithogeochemical analysis of the Heath Steele E zone volcanogenic massive sulphide deposit, Bathurst Mining Camp, New Brunswick
Commissioning a three-dimensional electrical resistivity imaging system for seepage monitoring at an embankment dam abutment
Petrogenesis, emplacement setting, and magmatic-hydrothermal mineralization of the peralkaline Flowers River Igneous Suite, Hopedale Block, Labrador
Genesis of gold mineralization at the Cantung W-Cu skarn deposit, N.W.T.
Geology and geochemistry of sedimentary ferromanganese ore deposits, Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada
Characterization of recent pyroclastic density currents and determination of magma residence times in historic and pre-historic eruptions of Galeras volcano, Colombia: a contribution to the hazard assessment
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