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Development of a geospatial reference framework :
Unsupervised detection of opium poppy fields in Afghanistan from E0-1 Hyperion data
Visualization, statistical analysis, and mining of historical vessel data
A scalable web tiled map management system
Spatial analysis of land cover changes in the Grand Lake Meadows, New Brunswick
Semantically enriched modelling, analysis, and visualization of simplified linear features and trajectories
What3words geocoding extensions and applications for a university campus
Enhanced Gaussian background modeling algorithm and implementation in FPGA for real-time moving object detection in surveillance video
Remote sensing of spruce budworm defoliation in Quebec, Canada using EO-1 Hyperion data
Implementing scalable geoweb applications using cloud and internet computing
Implementation and validation of a UNB Vienna Mapping Functions service
Development and assessment of loosely-coupled ins using smartphone sensors
Improving shallow-water multibeam target detection at low grazing angles
Determination of a geoid model for Ghana using the Stokes-Helmert method
A geospatial web application (GEOWAPP) for supporting course laboratory practices in surveying engineering
User-centered design for web-mapping applications: a case study with ocean mapping data for ocean modellers
Exploring the usability of the rHEALPix discrete global grid system
Evaluation of precise point positioning derived zenith total delays from the Nigerian GNSS reference network
Automatic processing of Arctic crowd-sourced hydrographic data while improving bathymetric accuracy and uncertainty assessment
Quantified self: building a multi-time window analytical workflow for clustering wearable data streams
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