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Performance considerations for real-time navigation with the GPS
Prediction of error due to terrain slope in LiDAR observations
Evaluation of CMA771 omega receiver performance on project CESAR
Estimation of sounding uncertainty from measurments of water mass variability
DIPOP differential positioning package for the Global Positioning System
A least squares adjustment for long baseline interferometry
A real-time software GNSS receiver development framework
LORAN-C phaselag investigation
Robustness analysis of geodetic networks
Selected check-list of resource materials for the teaching of surveying
On the detection of outliers and the determination of reliability in geodetic networks
Secondary phaselag computation
The electronic chart
A user's manual for program geopan geodetic plane adjustment and analysis
A case study of the production of an S-57 ENC with CARIS tools
Sea surface computations from local satellite tracking and satellite altimetry
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