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Chemostratigraphy and hydrothermal alteration of the Flat Landing Brook Formation, Brunswick Belt, Bathurst Mining Camp
Physical Characterization of two fractured sedimentary rock aquifers in New Brunswick, Canada with emphasis on the development of self-potential methods
Impact-induced hydrothermal systems: the Manicouagan example
Petrogenesis of granitoids in the vicinity of the Mactung Tungsten Skarn Deposit, NE Yukon-Northwest Territories: characterization of skarn mineralization and causative plutons through geological, petrochemical, mineralogical and geochronological analysis
Volatile-element signatures of volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits in the Bathurst mining camp, New Brunswick, Canada
Petrological and metallogenic studies of the Nashwaak granite and felsic dykes associated with the Sisson Book W-Mo-(Cu) deposit, west-central New Brunswick, Canada
Petrogenesis of tin-tungsten-molybdenum mineralized intragranitic systems within the highly evolved Mount Douglas polyphase intrusive complex, southwestern New Brunswick, Canada
Using biotite and apatite compositions to differentiate barren and mineralized silurian-devonian granitoid plutons in New Brunswick, Canada
Isotopic constraints on timing of deformation and metamorphism in the Thor–Odin dome, Monashee Complex, southeastern British Columbia.
Petrology and geochronology of an inverted metamorphic sequence in the western Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia
The fluid dynamic and thermophysical and constraints on peperite formation, and the vibrational liquefaction model
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