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A method for astro-gravimetric geoid determination
Step by step methods for the numerical solution of Volterra integro-differential equations
Determining Cliques of a Graph
Studies towards an astrogravimetric geoid for Canada
A driver for raster-like plotting devices
A partition monitor for fast-batch-processing with limited execution (FABLE)
A device independent computer plotting system
Orthogonal matrix package program (ORTMATPAC) for the WANG-700
Doppler satellite control
Subroutines with variable number of arguments
Quadrature formulae for functions of two variables and applications
Combination of geodetic networks
Infrastructure information requirements in the Maritie Provinces
Remote job entry and output through APL
An algorithm for determining the chromatic number of a graph
Block methods for nonlinear Volterra integral equations
Comments on "A General Fortran Emulator for IBM 360/370 Random Number Generator 'Randu' 1"
A search algorithm for finding the simple cycles of a directed graph
A new spanning tree algorithm
Report on geocentric and geodetic datums
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